Blessing In Disguise

A Blessing In Disguise


A Blessing In Disguise

When you are holding a cup of tea and someone pushes you by mistake and your cup spills a few drops of tea. Do you stop drinking it and cry over what you spilled?  Or you wipe it and continue to enjoy what’s left in your cup?

The cup resembles your life. The tea is an opportunity lost and that someone is life‘s uncontrollable incident let’s say it’s COVID-19 which is a blessing in disguise. 

Life comes to us with several situationsthe ones we can control and the ones we can‘t. The ones we can control are nothing to worry about, and the ones we can’t control are also nothing to worry about. As long as you are doing your best, the universe has a way of working things out. God has a magical way that we can never guess.

For instanceremember the times you had moments you never knew how to set things straight. Or days you kept wondering how to fix something and you were extremely stressed and anxious. However, to your surprise, in the end, it all turned out your way without a glimpse of your consciousness. 

In any uncontrollable times such as the one, we are all facing due to the Coronavirus or the COVID-19. Decide to clean what you can from the spilled tea. In another words, do what you can to stabilize the situation from your end, and enjoy the cup of tea before it cools down and becomes tasteless.




COVID-19 caused an enormous number of death cases and illnesses. However, the world forgot what our planet was going through due to the high-intensity pollution and global warming. Who knows what could have happened if COVID-19 did not occur.

Researches announced that due to the recent worldwide quarantine, the ozone layer started to heal, the pollution level lowered, in addition to, the reparation Amazon forsets are going through. Additionally to several personal situations happening in everyone’s lives. It takes the right perspective to see the blessing in disguise.

You can check more benefits it caused to nature here




Wiping out the spilled tea requires you to do several things. First, decipline your mind to believe that eventually, things turn out the best, Secondly, deeply believe that the best is about to come, this creates manifestation and abundance.

Our thoughts and emotions are energies and energies are powerful enough to attract other energies. Now be aware that those situations are energy-built as well. Energies attract and rebel. If you attract abundance, positivity, focus on yourself and believe that whatever uncontrollable will eventually turn out to its best, Manifestation will start to get created. Basically,  you decided to attract what you wish to manifest and rebel what you despise to manifest.

When you learn how to decipline the flow of negative energy from overruling, you give directions to which energies you want to attain in your aura. Furthermoreyou give directions to which energies get involved in your actions and actually impact your perspective, can you see its a cycle?

If you want to learn how to be at peace with your mind, heart. Start by meditating there are several types of meditation, the religious ones, and the guided meditation ones.

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