Tea Leaves health

Tea Leaves health

Tea leaves on health, as a matter of fact, tea leaves have millions of benefits and are proven to improve health. Every tea-leaf has its own benefits.  No matter what the season, tea can be a tasty beverage since it can be served iced or hot. Which type of tea you drink can make a difference. Processing time determines whether you end up with a green, black or oolong tea.

Green teas take less time to be processed and contain a huge amount of polyphenols, and the only type that contains the polyphenol, catechin, which is why many studies have been done using only green teas. Certain herbal teas are famous for their medicinal values. But its benefits go far beyond refreshment.

Tea Leaves health

Chamomile Tea

Calming effects and natural sleeping aid are the best two effects caused by Chamomile tea. It is also believed to have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and liver-protecting effects. One study also found that chamomile tea reduced symptoms of PMS, while another study in people with type 2 diabetes saw improvements in blood glucose, insulin in addition to blood lipid levels. Chamomile has a bittersweet, honey-like taste

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea leaves health has a benefit of cooling effect on the body in cases of fever. On the other hand, peppermint tea is a great remedy for gastrointestinal issues and treats digestion problems. Mint has a menthol, minty, and refreshing taste.


Jasmine herbal tea 

Those who focus on weight loss and want to increase their metabolism tend to focus on drinking jasmine herbal tea. Jasmine herbal tea indeed increases metabolism and nutrient absorption. Jasmine is aromatic and refreshing.

Hibiscus herbal tea 

It contains strong anti-inflammatories along with antioxidants that have several health benefits. It helps reduce blood pressure, fight cancer, decrease anxiety, and calm down the nervous system.Moreover, hibiscus also promotes weight loss by reducing the body’s ability to absorb sugar. Hibiscus has a tart and sweet taste, similar to cranberry.


Sage tea

In a matter of fact, sage appears to be a healthy choice amongst tea options, sage tea offers benefits for cognitive health and potentially heart and colon health.


It is important to keep consuming herbal teas and include them in your daily diet, rather than consuming processed drinks. What is even better? Skip sugar while drinking them.


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