Friendships At Workplace

Friendships at workplace

It is not an easy-going friendships. Your workplace is where you spend the majority of your day, so it’s not surprising that you might form strong bonds, even long-term friendships at workplace with your colleagues. Maintaining friendships with work colleagues is not only socially healthy, but it’s also a great way to learn about areas of the business outside your team, expertise, and skill set. Moreover, it makes work a little bit more fun.

Friendships at workplace can be tricky, especially between senior and junior employees. In that scenario, no matter how you cut it, there’s always going to be a power dynamic in play. While these two hypothetical colleagues might be buddy-buddy out of office, that relationship will likely become more complicated inside the office, especially at companies with a more rigid structure.

You have to strike a balance between your personal needs and the needs of the workplace for harmony and contribution. Here are five ground rules that give you guidance for handling workplace friendships.

Friendships at workplace

Manage Your Boundaries

Setting aside time to connect with friendships at workplace during a break can help your schedule fall in line while. At the same time it will nourish your need for social interaction. If it is a friendship cross hierarchies, it’s also important to recognize the optics of that relationship. You need to manage boundaries appropriately so as not to appear to be leveraging relationships unfairly or creating an environment of favoritism.


Identify Your Relationship Needs

It may seem unnecessary, but understanding what you need from the people in your organization can help clarify your own role and how you can thrive in it. You’ll feel better prepared when a question comes up.

Friendships at workplace

Avoid Office Gossip with for calmer friendships at workplace

Even if it just looks like you are spreading rumors or laughing at coworkers, for example, it can make people nervous and can negatively impact your credibility. If you sense a conversation with your friend starting to turn negative, try to keep things on track or suggest connecting outside work hours.

Include Non-Friends in Work Projects

It’s completely natural to want to collaborate with friends when you’re working on any kind of team assignment. On the other hand, it’s also just as important to put heads together with other people outside your circle.

Treat Every Member of Your Team Equally for better friendships at workplace

The best way to avoid perceived bias is to intentionally treat each team member with equal care, consideration, and respect. Make sure you truly listen to coworkers, and not just friends, when they bring up ideas or share information. It’s incredibly crucial to make each individual feel valued by giving them the attention they need.
Friendships at workplace


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