5 Minutes Meditation

5 minutes meditation

Meditation creates a calm pace in your mind, taking a break from daily responsibilities for at least 5 Minutes is a bonus point which gets you productive, when meditation is practiced daily, you will find yourself doing everything calmly with no rush nor stress.  Choosing to spend 5 minutes with your thought processes and breath can be as beneficial as choosing to go for a 5-minute walk, jog or sprint. In fact, meditation has been called a push-up for the brain because of its ability to improve cognitive control and strengthen the brain’s fiber connections.


2018 study at the University of Surrey stated that the brains of meditators are less affected by negative feedback due to the altered levels of dopamine concentrated in the brain, due to regular meditation.
5 Minutes Meditation

Steps to take mindful 5 minutes meditation

-You need to know that those 5 minutes will not take much of your time, however. Settling your thoughts for 5 minutes causes a great positive impact.

-Take a deep breath through your nose, count slowly to 10 then exhale through your mouth. Repeat 5 times.

-Put your focus on the now, anything can wait for 5 minutes.

-Affirmation. Repeat positive words you need to hear today. Such as “I got this” “I can do it”,” I am smart” I am beautiful”.etc. Whatever you need to remind yourself today with. Affirm with it.

-Accept the flow of thoughts, do not fight it, let it flow. Accept it and calm it.

-Focus on your breathing.

-Open your eyes when you feel grounded again.

5 Minutes Meditation

Listening to guided meditation will also do good, check out 5 minutes guided meditation on

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