How to lose upper body fat?

How to lose upper body fat?

How to lose upper body fat? Being in shape requires consistency and will. Losing upper body fat differs from women and men, however, for both genders require work to be done with few different approaches. When it comes to working out, work your chest, back and arms, and of course some core (aka) Abs will do no harm for getting rid of those fats in upper body part. Starting healthy eating habit will compliment your workout routine.


Let’s speak logic

How to lose upper body fat? Logically speaking, there isn’t a special exercise which works for getting rid of fat in that part. It is the routine and cycle you stay consistent with which leads to strengthening your core and muscles, leading to loss of unwanted body fat. Whether the fat in your thighs, arms, back or even tummy.

It is 80/20; 80% of fat loss happens in the kitchen, which means your eating habit and what you eat has a strong effect on your body, no matter how hard you work out or how many hours you stay in the gym. On the other hand 20% are for physical activities you include in your day. Know your body type and understand what nutrition suits it. Moreover, calculate calories intake within 24 hours, calorie deficit is the key to lose fat. Staying consistent with 80/20 rule will make you lose upper body fat.


I stated above that there is no specific exercise to get rid of upper body fat, however I can state that there are some exercise which strengthen the muscles and core, beside your full-body workout routine.


Exercise to do

Jogging, biking, rowing, swimming, jumping rope, and dancing are all activities that can help you meet your daily cardio goals. Cardio is the key for fat loss, but not to be done alone, you need some strength training alongside to it.

How to lose upper body fat?


Then comes HIIT or let’s say strength training: which works your core and considered the best when comes to melting fat and toning, such as:

Incline Push-up

Mountain Climbers


Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Plank with a Row

Standing Dumbbell Arnold Press

How to lose upper body fat?



To conclude, take your time and explore what suits your body and what doesn’t. Shedding those unwanted fats which you have had for years will not be gone in a blink of an eye. Be patient, stay consistent and have the will.

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