Free Spirit Yoga

Free Spirit Yoga

The word “free spirit yoga” comes from an ancient language if  Sanskrit. “Yoga” literally means “Union or rather “Integration”. The purpose of free spirit yoga is to unite body, mind and soul. Which leads to harmony, balance and peace with oneself, harmony between the 3 elements of what makes you who you are. “Yoga” also refers to the practices that helps you get to this state of grater calm and peace. Those practices work to increase self-awareness. You maybe be most familiar with the physical postures which are called Asanas, as those postures are usually practiced worldwide which are popular amongst vast majority of fitness classes.


free spirit yoga

Yoga also includes breathing and meditation practices. It includes teachings on philosophy and nutrition as well. The main idea of free spirit yoga is to help people find more balanced and peace state of mind and body. Yoga is freeing the spirit which refers to “free spirit yoga”.





Yoga Types

All varieties of yoga, seeks to harmonize mind, body and spirit. There are many types of yoga; here are ypga types along with the details about it brought from a trusted website:

1. Hatha yoga
2. Iyengar yoga
3. Kundalini yoga
4. Ashtanga yoga
5. Vinyasa yoga
6. Bikram yoga
7. Hot Yoga
8. Kripalu yoga
9. Jivamukti Yoga
10. Yin yoga
11. Restorative yoga
12. Prenatal yoga
13. Anusara yoga

Kundalini yoga is the most practiced yoga worldwide, it focuses on all the aspects of mind and spirit. Through breath, mantra and repetitive moments, it is an energy healing, meditation and physical exersise all in one.


Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of yoga offers both instant gratification and lasting  transformation. In fitness world, both are extremely important. Yoga can boost your physical and mental capacity quickly, while preparing your mind and body for long-term health.



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