Metabolic rate

What is standard metabolic rate?

It is the metabolic rate of the body when resting, fasting, non-stressed ectotherm at a particular temperature. The rate differs due to several main factors such as gender, height, weight, age, health status and activity level.

What is metabolism?

The term metabolism is commonly used to refer specifically to the breakdown of food and its transformation into energy. The faster your metabolism, the more calories your body needs. Metabolism is the reason some people can eat a lot without gaining weight, while others seem to need less to accumulate fat.

Moreover, you can increase your metabolism by eating enough Protein-Rich food, iron, Zinc and Selenium-Rich food, in addition to drinking plain coffee, cinnamon and other metabolism-boosting spices. On the other hand nutrition increases your metabolism if you eat healthy and have a balanced healthy lifestyle. Working out such as doing cardio or weight lifting,i is definitely a plus for faster metabolism. There is no such thing as an ideal rate.

Here are some workouts which helps in increasing your metabolism:



metabolic rate

Standard metabolic rate is hard to calculate therefore it is common to calculate Basal Metabolic Rate, which calculates the energies in terms of calories needed within 24 hours for your body to function properly.  You can calculate your BMR on:





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