What is healthy relationship? How to know it?

Healthy relationship:

It is the best relationship anyone can experience and usually is the one which lasts. Relationships have characters. In a matter of fact a healthy relationship is the sincerest and charismatic character the soul recognizes.

healthy relationship

Even when we have close friendships besides surrounded by uncountable of true friends and family. Moreover, even when are successful in our lives. Life requires a companion, a soulmate, a partner, someone who is your best friend and a lover combined together. Who believes in you, loves you the way you are. A soulmate is someone who knows your soul, to be specific, understands it. A person who feels like home and adventure at the same time. Someone you meet halfway out of nowhere and you know that you found your soulmate.

Adam and Eve were not born for nothing, they were born to bring life to this earth, life revolved around them and they did not stop building a life, even after God casted them on earth, they fought through it and created a life on earth, created something from nothing. Which comes to the conclusion that a life partner is important to build a life.



What does a healthy relationship feel like?

healthy relationship

A healthy relationship is a relationship that makes you feel grounded, yet free at the same time. It makes you stable, at ease, safe, content and settled at mind and at heart. You will feel a significant shift in energy when that certain person comes in your life. No matter how happy or successful you are with your life, you still feel a huge shift, it feels vivid inside and outside. You feel tranquil, safe and sound, literally. No matter how many times has passed or situations have had happened, it will still feel the same and even healthier and stronger. It will indeed let you want to better yourself.

Adam did not leave Eve although she casted them out of heaven, they decided to continue their goal. A healthy relationship is a success, it is when both of you grow together, support each other, get each other’s back, and love each other unconditionally while maintaining a playful life and enjoying every moment together. A healthy relationship, is a relationship that causes you the best lose, which is the lose of bad habits and all its kind and the gain of everything that is good, mentally and spiritually.


How to have a healthy relationship?


As a start, it depends on individuals’ main roots, such as mindsets, energies, characters, and beliefs. All those combine together and build up a character, personality and attitude. Those combinations brought you together from the beginning, as there is an Arabic saying ” الطيور على اشكالها تقع ” . which means, you truly fall for the soul which looks like you. Nevertheless, the main factors which must be present and mutual from both sides like understanding, forgiveness, trust, loyalty, appreciation, gratitude, feelings, respect, care, support, tolerance, compromises, love, beliefs, passion, same mindset moreover, mutual energies. A healthy relationship is a selfless relationship.

Any healthy relationship has some downs as well, however it is a relationship which eliminates drama when any is sensed to be near, which means; there might be downs, but it will never mud the clear water, it is when both sides work it out and turn rainy nights into sunny mornings, insisting on keeping it sunny, rather than fluctuating. If you have a healthy relationship, it is easy to maintain it, because it was naturally built from two healthy mindsets.


Is there a way to turn a toxic relationship INto a healthy one?

If eagerness to turn a relationship all around into a healthy one is driven from both sides. The answer is: Hell yes!

Sit down, talk it out. Communicating and expressing what is exactly on your mind is a great way to reach to an agreement. To clear any muddy waters. Moreover, listening and understanding your significant other’s side. Listen to understand not to reply, is a crucial point. Work individually on yourself while working on your relationship as well, a healthy relationship is selfless, but you also must be healthy to prevent wrecking what you have. A healthy relationship is the awoke relationship, where partners see the bigger picture.

If you are having a healthy relationship, it is perfect, maintain it. If you are not, then it is time to turn it all around and bring some sense to it. In order to build an empire together.

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