How to love yourself? How to enjoy life?

How to love yourself? How to enjoy life? Repeated questions, aren’t they?

How to enjoy life is an art, actually, it indeed is driven from the genuine love you have for yourself.

How to love yourself?

love yourself

Initially, knowing that there is literally no one like you is almost everything and an effective way to ignite the thought of self-love. you are literally unique in every way possible. Your voice, thoughts, laughter, mindset, habits, trauma, heart, mind, the way you perceive, childhood, hormones, intelligence, physical appearance, attitude, personality, ETC. No matter how similar to a certain person you are, you are still extremely unique in your own way. Take pride in that and be confident about it. Your company affects you as well, make sure to surround yourself with people who truly love you, people who see the star you are.


Secondly, After knowing how unique you are, you have got to believe it deep inside. Practicing affirmation is crucial to subconsciously store it in your mind. Affirmation is extremely important to your inner self, your subconscious holds uncountable impressions, emotions, events that you can remember even after years and years. Imagine repeating certain words each and every day, constantly? You might think one negative word is not a big deal, well it impacts a lot and more than you could ever imagine.

As there is a quote that says “Turn your can’t into cans”. Well, I can’t say “I am ugly” and then the next day expect myself to feel beautiful and love myself.Do you see how it works?


love yourself

Daily practice

Practice positivity between yourself and by time, it will radiate like a sun without even trying. I would like you to repeat the sentence below every morning and try to deeply feel the words:

“I am so beautiful, in so many ways. What I have to offer is limitless. My aura is infectious. I am kind and humble.I do radiate love, success and life ,¬†happiness, healing, strength, duality, health, youth. I love myself”




How to Enjoy Life?


When the goal of self-love has been achieved and you have got all the answers to ” how to love yourself? ” , the answer to ” how to enjoy life? ” is the cherry on top of the cake. Self-love will open the windows for you to do healthy things mentally, physically moreover spiritually. You will be with people who truly love you and do things that get you excel in life.


In a matter of fact, the feeling to drop all those energies that no longer serve the new you will be an aim which you will really want to achieve, you will vibe higher and higher, knowing that self love is an unending process. You will start doing things you have passion for, you might even start giving people tips and tricks on “how to enjoy life? and how to love yourself? ” from the power you have deep inside. You will master self-love and it is a strong power, as agreed above, you will shine without even trying.


enjoy life

Daily activities

Do not force yourself into something you do not want, and think that you should do it just because the majority of people do it and it is trendy nowadays. Do more of what makes you feel comfortable, at ease, healthy and happy, what makes you who you are. Surround yourself with people who look like you, at heart, mind and energy. Be with people who you love and who love you back. Create your own activities that elevate you.

Enjoying life has no guideline because each and every person enjoys it in their own way. Your description of enjoying life doesn’t have to match someone else’s description. Focus on yourself, love yourself and you shall enjoy life.

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