Meditation VS mindfulness.

What is meditation vs mindfulness? How to have a healthy mindset? It is simply easy to know the difference and original meaning of each. Even after knowing the difference between meditation vs mindfulness, you will be able to link it with a healthy mindset state. Many people perform meditation without knowing that they are in a state of nothingness, yet they are in a partial state of mindfulness at the same time. Meditation vs mindfulness. They get to taste both sides.


What is meditation vs mindfulness?

The main difference between, meditation vs mindfulness is the goal. Mindfulness is to have your thoughts be on the object which is occupying your mind. However meditation is a state of “pure awareness,” in which you are aware without the object of thought, when you are in the present, in the now. The Now is powerful when you discipline your state of attention. Our mindset changes with experience and in order to have a healthy mindset, clarity must be gained.



How to have a healthy mindset?
The first point to have in addition, to maintain a healthy mindset you got to practice mindfulness meditation. As it gives your mind a break throughout the day. It clears the crowd in your mind. Giving room for a deeper state of clarity to be reached resulting in a healthy mindset. You can be mindful while meditating, mindfulness can have two meanings, what shapes it is your state. For instance, you could be mindful of the overwhelming chores you got to do this afternoon or you could be mindful of the breath you take while meditating. Can you see how the state changes it?



The power of now

Outcome of being mindful
The outcome is a healthy mindset as mentioned above. The purest form of clarity is being mindful in the power of now. When you maintain a healthy mindset due to practicing mindful meditation after knowing the original difference between meditation vs mindfulness. Your mind will be more focused on “The Now”. The state you reach when you are trained to be aware without the object of thought, rather than get mindful with past or the future.



In the link below, is a 10 minutes guided meditation Youtube video for having mindful thoughts which will help draw the path of mindfulness as a concept:



In the link below, is a detailed article which gives you the ultimate steps on how to perform mindful meditation:

How to practice mindfulness meditiation

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